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Predictive Graph on Cumulative CO2 reduction in Transport Sector in the Future

3 Scenarios
Plan of 85 cities, Ambition of 200 cities and Market Potential of 2000 cities

Move your cursor on the graph and view the CO reduction in each scenario

How does PRT save emissions?


Our calculations are based upon the project planned in Bengaluru, India, where transportation generates an estimated 6.7 mn tonnes CO2 pa. A single PRT system would save 0.87% of the CO2 generated in the city, and 3 such systems would save close to 2.61% of CO2 emissions in such a city.

Total global CO2 emissions in 2017 were estimated at 33.2 billion tonnes. Transportation accounts for approximately 15% of these emissions – around 5 bn metric tonnes. Thus PRT, if it can save 336-576 mn metric tonnes, would reduce global transportation emissions by 7-11%.
al transportation emissions by 7-11%.